Leighton Sailing Center

The Bowdoin team sails out of the brand-new Leighton Sailing Center located at the Bowdoin Coastal Studies Center on Orr's Island.  The sailing venue is on Harpswell Sound. The team has a fleet of 18 FJs and two motorboats.  Typically there is an 8 to 12 knot seabreeze, which gets shifty near sunset. The area has nine to ten foot tides, so Bowdoin sailors learn to respond to shifting current on the racecourse. Unlike most other Northern New England teams, large tides prevent Harpswell Sound from freezing in the winter which allows the team to begin practicing early in the spring.

The facility, which opened in the spring of 2014, spans 1,500 square feet and features a meeting space, a coach's office, team changing rooms, new restrooms and showers, and a deck. The existing 155-foot pier at the Coastal Studies Center will be available for spectators, but will now include a new take-off landing, an 80-foot ADA accessible gangway connecting the pier to the float system, berthing for two support boats, two moorings and dry storage for 24 boats.

Few sites rival for its sheer beauty. The rocky shorelines are wooded, and often the team observes seals, ospreys, egrets, and bald eagles. The only other boats on the water are occasional lobster boats. Sailors on the team love the mini-escape from campus life that heading to the site gives them each day.