Women's Water Polo

Bowdoin Water Polo

About the Program
Bowdoin College Water Polo was founded in the early-1970's and has since developed from a recreational group into a competitive member of the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA, http://www.collegiatewaterpolo.org). From 1999-2007 the Polar Bear Polo club competed in the New England conference; today it is a member of the North Atlantic conference.

Both the men's and women's water polo teams have experienced a large amount of recent success. This includes the women winning the 2011 North Atlantic conference and qualifying for nationals, the men qualifying for nationals in 2009 and 2011, and the men winning the Northern division of the North Atlantic conference in 2012.

About the Team
Water polo is a game played with 7 players in the pool. However, the Bowdoin Water Polo Team has a limitless roster welcoming both experienced and novice players but comfort in the water is a necessity. Over the years our team has been composed of everyone from All-Americans to complete novices. We welcome anyone willing to learn and compete.

Anyone with previous experience or interest in the team is encouraged to contact the team's staff adviser and pool director, Brad Burnham (bburnham@bowdoin.edu).

The Season
The men's season starts the second week of the fall term and last until roughly the end of October culminating in conference championships and potentially nationals. The women's season starts in early March and lasts until the middle of April. Practices occur every weekday from 4:30-6:00 pm at Greason Pool. There are 3-5 tournaments scheduled by the CWPA as well as other matches scheduled at the discretion of teams.