Bowdoin College Video Webcast - Channel 2

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Live broadcast by Ustream

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Bowdoin College webcasts on require Adobe Flash version 9.0 or better, and a broadband internet connection. If you cannot view the above player please download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash from the link below.

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Watching a Show in Fullscreen Mode

To watch a show in full screen, click on the 'toggle full screen' button located on the bottom right corner of the video player window.


  • If the webcast stops or is interrupted please restart your webcast viewer by clicking on the 'Reload' icon on the bottom left of the video player window.
  • If you are having difficulties using the player please visit the troubleshooting page at:

Live video webcasts can experience interruptions for a variety of factors. If you believe there is an issue with a live Athletics broadcast please contact Jim Caton, Sports Information Director at