Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sat. 9 at Penobscot Bay Open (Maine Maritime) Final 2/15
  at Harry Anderson Trophy (Yale) Final 6th/16
  at Toni Deutsch (MIT) Final 12th/16
  at Harman Trophy (Maine Maritime) Final T2nd/8
Sun. 10 at FJ Invite (Harvard) Final 4th/10
Sat. 16 at Hatch Brown Trophy (MIT/BU) Final 15th/20
  at Callagy Ross Trophy (UVM) Final 1st/8
  at Central Series 2 (BC) Final 8th/17
Wed. 20 Midweek Invitational (Bowdoin) 4:00 PM
Sat. 23 at Loder Trophy (UNH) Final 10th/15
  at Hood Trophy (Tufts) Final 4th/20
  at N.E. Singles (RWU) Final 12th/27
  at Women's Invitational (RWU) Final 11th/14
  at N.E. Women's Singles (RWU) Final 14th/17
Sat. 30 at Danmark Trophy (CGA) Final 12th/20
  at Regis Trophy (BU) Final 12th/16
  at Hewitt Trophy (Dartmouth) Final 7th/16
  at Smith Trophy (MIT) Final 10th/18
Sat. 7 at Moody Trophy (URI) Final 11th/18
  Barnett Trophy (Bowdoin) Final 5th/9
Sat. 14 at N.E. Match Race (Marblehead, Mass.) Final 2nd/8
  at Captain Hurst Bowl (Dartmouth) Final 9th/18
Sat. 21 at Fall Foliage Regatta (UNH) Final 1st/15
  at Oberg Trophy (MIT/NU) Final 4th/18
  at Central Series 6 (BC) Final 5th/16
Sat. 28 at Schell Trophy (MIT) Final 11th/18
  at Women's Victorian Urn (Harvard) Final 13th/16
  at Nickerson Trophy (Tufts) Final 12th/18
Fri. 10 at Match Race Nationals (Charleston, S.C.) Final 4th/10
  Three-Day Championship
Sat. 10 at Rudkin Team Race (Eckerd) Final 3rd/8
Sat. 17 at Southern New England Team Race (Conn. College) Final 5th/10
  at Geiger (MIT) Final 6th/9
Sat. 24 at Friis (RWU) Final 6th/10
  at NEISA-MAISA Team Race (BC) Final 3rd/6
Sat. 31 at Marchiando (MIT) Final 3rd/15
  Harspwell Sound Team Race Final 1st/4
Sat. 7 at Southern Series (URI) Final 4th/8
  at New England Team Race Championship/Fowle Trophy (Conn. College) Final 8th/12
Sat. 14 at Owen/Mosbacher/Knapp Trophies (Kings Point) Final 6th/15
  at President's Trophy (BU) Final 7th/15
Sat. 21 at Boston Dinghy Challenge Cup (MIT/Harvard) Final 2nd/14
  at Reed Trophy (CGA) Final 14th/17
  at Morris Trophy (BU) Final 3rd/15
Sat. 28 at New England Dinghy Championships (Brown) Final 10th/18
Sat. 8 at Harry Anderson Trophy (Yale) Final 4th/16
  at Toni Deustch (MIT) Final 7th/13
  at Penobscot Bay Open (MMA) Final 7th/11
  at Harman Trophy (MMA) Final 1st/8
Sat. 15 at Hatch Brown Trophy (MIT) Final 10th/17
  at Regis Trophy (Harvard) Final 7th/16
  Barnett Trophy Final 1st/17
Sat. 22 at Hoyt Trophy (Brown) Final 2nd/16
  at Hood Trophy (Tufts) Final 6th/11
  at Mrs. Hurst (Dartmouth) Final 15th/16
  at Reid Trophy (BC) Final 9th/17
Sat. 29 at Women's Showcase (St. Mary's) Final 11th/17
  at Danmark Trophy (CGA) Final 7th/20
Sat. 6 at Coed Showcase (MIT) Final 4th/18
  at Sister Esther Trophy (Salve Regina) Final 6th/18
Sat. 13 at Showcase B Finals (MIT) Final 1st/18
  at Match Race N.E. Championship (MIT) Final 3rd/7
  at Ross Trophy (Vermont) Final 2nd/9
Sat. 20 at SMC Finals (St. Mary's) Final 2nd/18
  at Oberg Trophy (MIT) Final 6th/20
Sat. 27 at Schell Trophy (Dartmouth) Final 6th/18
  Urn Trophy Final 10th/16
Sat. 2 at Women's Regatta (Harvard) 10:00 AM
  at Sharpe Trophy (Brown) 10:00 AM
Sun. 3 at Rhody the Riveter (Salve Regina) 10:00 AM
Sat. 9 at Rudkin Team Race (RWU at Eckard) 10:00 AM
Sat. 16 at Southern New England Team Race (Connecticut College) 10:00 AM
  at SMC Women's (St. Mary's of Maryland) 10:00 AM
  at Geiger Team Race (MIT) 10:00 AM
Sat. 23 at Friis Team Race (Roger Williams) 10:00 AM
  at Eagle Team Race (BC) 10:00 AM
  at Duplin Women's Team Race (Tufts) 10:00 AM
  at Vietor Trophy (Coast Guard) 10:00 AM
Sat. 30 at Marchiando Regatta (MIT) 10:00 AM
  Harspwell Sound 10:00 AM
  at Dallenbaugh Women's Trophy (Brown) 10:00 AM
  at BU Trophy (BU) 10:00 AM
Sat. 6 at Emily Wick (Coast Guard) 10:00 AM
  at Fowle Trophy (Connecticut College) 10:00 AM
Sat. 13 at Owen/Mosbacher/Knapp Trophies (Yale) 10:00 AM
  at Women's Team Race (Brown) 10:00 AM
  at President's Trophy (BU) 10:00 AM
  at Oberg Trophy (Northeastern) 10:00 AM
Sat. 20 at Admirals Cup (Merchant Marine) 10:00 AM
  at Boston Dinghy Club Cup (Harvard) 10:00 AM
  at Reed Trophy (MIT) 10:00 AM
Sat. 27 NE Dinghy Championship 10:00 AM
Tue. 21 at ICSA Women's Championships (Newport, RI) 10:00 AM
Sat. 25 at ICSA Team Race Championships (Newport, RI) 10:00 AM
Bold team: Home event