Men's Rugby at Bowdoin


About the Program
Founded in 1969, the Bowdoin Rugby Football Club has been a unique element in the Bowdoin community for over 30 years. Always characterized by strong camaraderie and teamwork, Bowdoin fields both an "A" and a "B" side ensuring all participants the opportunity to play a game every weekend during the Fall season.
The Club has a strong tradition of success, playing in the NESCRO Maine League. Bowdoin Ruggers have been selected to represent the New England Rugby Union, the Eastern Collegiate Rugby Team as well as the All-American Rugby Team. Since the club's inception over 40 years ago, Bowdoin has maintained an overall career winning percentage of more than 70% and is consistantly nationally ranked.

While the Bowdoin College Rugby Club is led by students elected by team members annually, Head Coach Gary Devoe (3 years) and his Assistant Coaches, Rick Scala (33 years), Richard Hyde (23 years), David Miller (15 years) and Mark Gartside (8 years) provide continuity, strategy and skill development. The coaches collaborate with the captains and other leading members of the team to ensure that the team is not only successful on the field but also provides a welcoming environment that has a strong relationship with the Bowdoin community.

Bowdoin has strong connections to its loyal alumni and to the Maine Rugby community. Rugby in Maine actually started at Bowdoin when a group of Bowdoin students teamed up with faculty, including former Bowdoin President Roger Howell, and individuals from the local community to begin playing rugby at Bowdoin. The local players went on to found the Portland Rugby Club. In turn, the Portland Rugby Club has provided back to Bowdoin the head coaches of both its Men's and Women's clubs.

For more information, contact the 2018 club officers:

Henry Bredar, Captain -

Jimmy Donlan, Captain -

Sam Maddox, President -

Harrison Pellerin, Match Secretary -


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The rugby team practices and plays at Pickard Field, part of Bowdoin's 35-acre athletic complex. Pickard Field is comfortably framed by the beautiful Bowdoin pines and- during the exceptional autumn seasonin Maine- is unquestionably one of the best places to watch a match in all of New England.