NESCAC Announces Winter All-Academic, All-Sportsmanship Honorees

NESCAC Announces Winter All-Academic, All-Sportsmanship Honorees

BRUNSWICK, Maine- The New England Small College Athletic Conference has announced its All-Academic and All-Sportsmanship recipients for the 2012-13 winter season.

Over 75 Bowdoin students were acknowledged for their academic accomplishments while eight were honored for their sportsmanship

To be honored as a NESCAC All-Academic Team honoree, a student-athlete must have reached sophomore academic standing and be a varsity letter winner with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.35. A transfer student must have completed one year of study at the institution.

The All-Sportsmanship Team recognizes student-athletes from each varsity sport who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to sportsmanship. These student-athletes exhibit respect for themselves, teammates, coaches, opponents, and spectators. They display sportsmanship not only as a participant in their sport but also as a spectator and in their everyday lives. Through their positive actions and examples, these student-athletes inspire others to adhere to the quality of sportsmanship that the NESCAC and the NCAA endorse.

Of Bowdoin’s eight selections to the All-Sportsmanship team, three members also earned All-Conference recognition.

Bowdoin men’s ice hockey player Daniel Weiniger was one of only seven individuals in the conference recognized as an All-Conference, All-Academic, and All-Sportsmanship selection.

A complete list of recipients is available below.


Name Sport Year Hometown
Andrew Madlinger Men's Basketball Jr. Basking Ridge, N.J.
Tori Munson Women's Basketball Jr. Southington, Conn.
Daniel Weiniger Men's Ice Hockey Sr. Warren, N.J.
Kim Tess-Wanat Women's Ice Hockey Sr. Fond du Lac, Wis.
Andrew Ward Men's Squash So. Southborough, Mass.
Sara Wlodarczyk Women's Squash So. Strykersville, N.Y.
Hugo Tran Men's Swimming Sr. Paris, France
Kaley Kokomoor Women's Swimming Sr.  Groton, Conn.


Name  Sport  Year  Hometown
Maura Allen  Ice Hockey  Jr.  Boulder, Colo.
David Bean  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Weymouth, Mass.
Maxwell Bearse  Squash  So.  Barnstable, Mass.
Allison Beeman  Squash  Sr.  Summit, N.J.
Sara Binkhorst  Basketball  So.  West Hartford, Conn.
Jackson Bloch  Nordic Skiing  So.  Falmouth, Maine
James Boeding  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Millerton, N.Y.
Sawyer Bowman  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Cornelius, N.C.
Maggie Bryan  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Holden, Maine
Bonnie Cao  Squash  Sr.  Carlisle, Mass.
Kuangji Chen  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Nanjing, China
Megan Chong  Swimming & Diving  So.  Salem, Ore.
Emily Clark  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Stow, Mass.
James Crimp  Nordic Skiing  Sr.  Anchorage, Alaska
Cleo Daoud  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Norwich, N.Y.
Theresa Faller  Swimming & Diving  So.  North Reading, Mass.
Colleen Finnerty  Ice Hockey  So.  Hopkinton, Mass.
Brenna Fischer  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Ridgewood, N.J.
Matthew Gamache  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Barrington, R.I.
Andrew Gluesing  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Needham, Mass.
Kelsey Goodwin  Swimming & Diving  So.  Melrose, Mass.
Gabrielle Grandin  Ice Hockey  So.  Verona, Wis.
Jay Greene  Ice Hockey  Sr.  Baltimore, Md.
Lonnie Hackett  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Bangor, Maine
Katherine Harmon  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Auburn, Maine
Sarah Hirschfeld  Swimming & Diving  Sr.  Newton Square, Pa.
Caitlin Hutchinson Maddox  Swimming & Diving  Jr.  New York, N.Y.
John Izzo  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Davidson, Mich.
Emma James  Nordic Skiing  Sr.  Avon, Maine
Evan Kulak  Basketball  Jr.  Wellesley, Mass.
Madeline Lane  Ice Hockey  Jr.  Topsham, Maine
Stephanie Lane  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Victoria Lee  Squash  So.  Beverly, Mass.
Mico Lim  Squash  Jr.  Manila, Philippines
Stephanie Ludy  Ice Hockey  Sr.  Shrewsbury, Mass.
Stephanie Lynn  Nordic Skiing  Jr.  Bow, N.H.
Andrew Madlinger  Basketball  Jr.  Basking Ridge, N.J.
Nicholas Magalhaes  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Gardner, Mass.
Michaela Martin  Squash  Jr.  Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Matthew Mathias  Basketball  Jr.  Baltimore, Md.
Dani McAvoy  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Sudbury, Mass.
Alec McGovern  Nordic Skiing  Jr.  Peterborough, N.H.
Kaitlynn Miller  Nordic Skiing  Jr.  Elmore, Vt. 
Siena Mitman  Basketball  So.  Mequon, Wis.
Schuyler Nardelli  Ice Hockey  So.  Hamilton, N.Y.
Helen Newton  Swimming & Diving  Jr.  Chapel Hill, N.C.
William Ossoff  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Andover, Mass.
Ryan Peabody  Swimming & Diving  Jr.  Aptos, Calif.
Anna Prohl  Basketball  Jr.  New London, N.H.
Karl Reinhardt  Swimming & Diving  So.  New Canaan, Conn.
Christine Rholl  Swimming & Diving  Jr.  Alexandria, Va.
Nicholas Saba  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Hamden, Conn. 
Elizabeth Schetman  Squash  Sr.  Brooklyn, N.Y.
Marcus Schneider  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Waban, Mass.
Samuel Seekins  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  South China, Maine
Connor Shannon  Ice Hockey  Sr.  Stratham, N.H.
Erin Silva  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Westborough, Mass.
Tyler Silver  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Metuchen, N.J.
Emily Simonton  Squash  So.  Kennett Square, Pa.
Basyl Stuyvesant  Swimming & Diving  Sr.  Allison Park, Pa.
John Swords  Basketball  So.  Sudbury, Mass.
Gregory Talpey  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Rochester, N.Y.
Emily Tang  Ice Hockey  Jr.  Cambridge, Mass.
Alexander Tougas  Swimming & Diving  Jr.  Wethersfield, Conn.
Hugo Tran  Swimming & Diving  Sr.  Paris, France
William Trenkelbach  Squash  Sr.  Charlotte, N.C.
Camille Wasinger  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Boulder, Colo.
Daniel Weiniger  Ice Hockey  Sr.  Warren, N.J.
Avery Wentworth  Indoor Track & Field  So.  Annapolis, Md.
Nicholas Wetzel  Ice Hockey  Jr.  Walkersville, Md.
Christiana Whitcomb  Squash  Jr.  Southport, Conn.
Grant White  Basketball  Jr.  Springfield, Vt. 
Gretchen Williams  Squash  Jr.  Lincoln, Mass.
Will Winmill  Squash  Jr.  Walpole, N.H.
Matthew Wu  Indoor Track & Field  Jr.  Albany, N.Y.
Eric Yoon  Ice Hockey  So.  Nashville, Tenn.
Andrew Zembruski  Indoor Track & Field  Sr.  Easton, Conn.