Polar Bears 13th at Oberg, Qualify for Schell Trophy This Weekend

Polar Bears 13th at Oberg, Qualify for Schell Trophy This Weekend

Coach Pizzo's Report - October 28

The Polar Bears did what they had to do at a competitive Oberg Trophy at MIT to secure a berth at the Schell Trophy, the de-facto NEISA fall fleet racing championship, next weekend on the Charles.

After a slow start, Bowdoin managed to climb back to 13th at the 17 team, three division event. With Alex Takata and Laura Heyl sailing A Division, DJ Hatch and Leah Hughes sailing B Division, and Alex Sultula and Mae Speight sailing C Division, Bowdoin held on their #15 NEISA ranking and qualified for the Schell. Many teams had their top starters at this event as a tune-up for that regatta, which is also held at MIT. First years Sultula and Speight posted a 9th place finish in C division on the back of four top three finishes down the stretch. The pair will sail the NEISA freshman champs, the Nickerson Trophy, at BU next weekend.

Just up the river Bowdoin’s support staff stayed sharp at Central Series 6, hosted by UVM at BU. Billy Rohman and Ben Berg placed 5th in A Division while Tom Charpentier and Katharine O’Brien finished 3rd in B Division as the team combined to take 4th, losing a tiebreaker for 3rd, at the 14 team event. Rohman, Berg, and Charpentier will be backups at the Schell next weekend.

Bowdoin’s women’s team, coming off a disappointing finish at the Yale Women’s Intersectional last week, stumbled again at the Stu Nelson Intersectional at Conn College this weekend. The team hopes to rebound with a good finish at the Victorian Coffee Urn at Harvard next weekend.