Green Athletes Hold Recycling Challenge at Men's Basketball Game December 7

Bowdoin’s Green Athletes held a recycling challenge at the Bowdoin College men's basketball game against Colby College on Friday, December 7.

Under the direction of Alex Tougas ’14 and Tricia Thibodeau ’13, 17.5 pounds of recycling and only 2.5 pounds of trash, the latter of which made up less than one bag, were generated. The rate of waste diversion from the landfill was thus 87.5%; at many prior games, this rate has been 0%.

Before the game, Green Athletes members in full “Dan and Jan the Can” regalia put up posters highlighting the event and greeted people at the door, explaining the mission of the group. During the game, members walked through the bleachers and educated the approximately 400 fans about recycling and pointing them to the display of six trash bags in the stands, which served to highlight the usual amount of trash generated per game. Coach Tim Gilbride contributed to the effort as well, drinking from a green mug during the game.

The greenhouse gas reduction that resulted from recycling at the one game was almost 0.03 metric tons, or about 60 pounds, of carbon dioxide equivalent. Go U Green Bears!

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