Bowdoin College Athletic Hall of Honor

Established in 2002, the Bowdoin College Athletic Hall of Honor was founded to perpetuate the memory of those persons who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to Bowdoin through their accomplishments in athletics.

Following the 2010 ceremony, the Hall of Honor induction process transitioned to a biennial event. The next induction is scheduled for the Fall of 2014 and will continue in even-numbered years. 

Inaugural Class of 2002
C. Nels Corey '39
Jill Bermingham Isenhart '86
Kenneth M. Martin '69
Joan Benoit Samuelson '79
Sidney J. Watson

Class of 2003
Charles J. Butt
Dr. Philip G. Good '36
Dr. Daniel F. Hanley '39
Robert A. Kullen '71
Lissa McGrath Millett '83

Class of 2004
Mike Linkovich
Edward J. McFarland, Jr. '69
Amy Harper Munger '85
Jean L. Roy '84
Soule Family
(William '36, Philip, Paul '66, Morton '68, James '77)

Class of 2005
Thomas W. Aldrich '88
Dr. Matthew D. Branche '49
William E. Provencher '81
Elford A. Stover, Jr. '58
Frederic D. Tootell '23

Class of 2006
Frederick G. Flemming '53
Charles B. Gaffney '95
Carol Thomas Handley '93
Mortimer F. and Sally S. LaPointe
1975-76 400m Freestyle Swim Relay NCAA Champions
(James L. Farrar, Jr. '76, Jeffrey J. McBride '77, Steven A. Potter '76, Richard S. Rendall '76, David P. Thurber '76)

Class of 2007
Robert A. Butkus '66
Jennifer Russell Mahoney '89 & Sarah H. Russell '91
Thomas J. Ryan '93
John E. Theberge '83
Adam J. Walsh

Class of 2008
Christopher J. Jerome '83
Emily R. LeVan '95
John Joseph Magee
William A. McWilliams, Jr. '57
Robinson C. Moore '77

Class of 2009
Richard P. Donovan '73
Kirk "Hutch" Hutchinson '82
F. Alexis Schulten '66
Susan Leonard Toll '85
Harold "Bud" White '39

Class of 2010
Ray Bicknell
Nancy Brinkman Steele '79
Gerry Ciarcia '79
James MacAllen '66
Frank Marston '92
Dr. Oakley Melendy '39

Class of 2012
Harry Cloudman 1901
Richard (Dick) Whitmore Jr. '65
D. Ellen Shuman '76
Alan Quinlan '77
Gregg Fasulo '78
Stephen (Steve) McCabe Jr. '78

Class of 2014
Bob Patterson '68
Joe Bonasera '73
Joe Gaffney '95
Laura Schultz Landry '96
Heather Hawes '00
John Cullen

Class of 2016
Robert Pfeiffer '67
Edward Good '71
Leo Dunn '75
Darcy Storin Resch '96
Lora Trenkle Cooperman '04
O. Jeanne d'Arc Mayo

For more information or questions on the Hall of Honor, contact Associate Director of Alumni Relations Jacob Ocean.